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People Power Podcast

Jan 22, 2023

Interview with Michelle Gross, President of Communities United Against Police Brutality, who discusses why she believes teenage convicted killer Mahdi Ali is innocent.

On Jan 6, 2010, three people were murdered in cold blood during a robbery at the Seward Market. Mahdi Ali and Ahmed Ali were convicted. Mahdi was given 90 years for being the trigger man. Ahmed was released last summer. Mahdi has always maintained his innocence and Ahmed, who once accused Mahdi, is now saying he's innocent. What has never been disclosed in the case is Target's deep financial ties to the cops and the prosecution.

Hosted by Marjaan Sirdar

Audio Engineering by Isaac Specktor

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For more on Michelle Gross and Communities United Against Police Brutality visit their website

Music by: EcroDeron,

Copy Right Free; Creative Commons

Music by: Abdellah King

Copy Right Free; Creative Commons